Call for Submissions

Educator Perspectives Journal: Winter 2023

Deadline for Submissions Extended: November 3, 2022

Call for Submissions to EPJ

The editorial team of Educator Perspectives invites manuscripts for potential publication in the next issue.  We seek articles that reflect and showcase a vibrant community of practice across many educational contexts. 

Theme: Open Call

The editorial team of Educator Perspectives invites manuscripts for potential publication in the Winter 2023 Issue. We seek articles that reflect and showcase a vibrant community of practice across many educational contexts. The education landscape continues to endure dramatic shifts; the last two years especially were a time of tremendous change and upheaval. Educators at all levels and situations have endeavored to meet the demands of change by developing new strategies, materials, perspectives, and in some cases, new attitudes. Many of us find ourselves advocating for new paradigms in education. We would like to invite contributions for our Winter 2023 issue that reflect what is current, relevant, innovative, and insightful across the educational spectrum.

This is an open call without a specific theme that provides an opportunity for the intentional discussion of the issues on the front burner for educators. We would like to take this moment to explore your challenges or recent successes. We hope to further equip our community with research or best practices that will amplify the cultivation, sustainability, and stewardship of our profession. We value a variety of responses and insights into the shifting educational environment.

Submissions Options: 

Submissions should include works in research-based articles including action/classroom research, and qualitative and quantitative research. Essays such as personal reflections, inspirational annotations, classroom practice, interviews, or program descriptions are also welcome. Submissions should be in proper APA seventh edition format. References, tables, and appendices do not count against the page limit. All proposals and accepted manuscripts will be subject to editorial review. 

Submissions for the Winter 2023 issue are due by 11/3/22

Submit manuscripts to:

Author Guidelines

Article Submission Criteria:
All submissions must include a cover page of contact information to include each author’s name, title, institution, email address, mailing address, phone number, key contact person, article title (15-word limit), and an abstract (100 words or less).

Articles should be 1,000 to 3,000 words in length. APA is 7th Edition style required. Please submit the manuscript as a separate document void of identifying information (for the blind review process).
Articles must be submitted via the link provided above. Submissions should consist of two documents- a cover letter and the article submission. Email should include “Educator Perspectives-Submission” as the email title. One submission per individual. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.

Submission Guidelines:
Submissions will be evaluated with respect to the following criteria and successful articles tend to speak to these criteria:

Theme. The proposed manuscript should meet the expectations of the theme for the issue (see Call for Submissions.
Relevance. The proposed manuscript should thoroughly review a significant and important research area within education.
Viability. The proposal should represent an achievable project within the tight time constraints required. More detail on the timeline is provided below.
Scope of Interest. Papers of broad interest to scholars in a variety of specialty areas are greatly preferred.
Organization and Coherence. The proposal should follow a logical structure, read clearly, and thoroughly represent the available research.
Insight for Future Work. The proposal should convey important implications for future scholars.
Timeliness/Contribution. Reviews should be on topics for which no recent reviews exist, and the proposal should emphasize how the review will contribute to knowledge in that area.

General Information:
All submissions are reviewed by the Editorial Team and external reviewers. Each proposal is blind reviewed. Author information is not supplied to the reviewer. Submissions should be focused, well organized, effectively developed, concise, and appropriate for the readers. The style should be direct, clear, readable, and free from gender, political,
patriotic, or religious bias. The Editorial Team reserves the right to cancel a submission due to non-compliance at any point. For more detailed information, please contact